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How My Dental Practice Went From Struggling To $43,000 A Week In Less Than 10 Days!

Even though I barely know how to use Google Adwords, this FREE online marketing strategy is bombarding my practice with clients!.

19th January 2018

For months I had been struggling with attracting clients for my dental practice via the internet. But now, I'm making $43,000 a week with more patients than I know what to do with, even though I'm still far from a Google Ad expert!

As an orthodontist, I am sure you are well aware of the issues that we are facing in our profession, like:

  • Increased competition from general dentists who are doing orthodontics.
  • Decreasing numbers of referrals from general dentists.
  • Decreasing numbers of case starts.
  • Decreasing in Invisalign starts due to general dentists doing Invisalign
  • Increasing administration and overhead costs every passing year
  • Rising malpractice insurance premiums
  • Inflation eating away our income each year...

...and that's just naming a few.

Solely Relying On Referrals From Dentists Will Kill Your Practice

Referrals are normally ideal for any business, but I quickly realized that solely depending on dentist referrals was crippling my practice. Not only was it incredibly inconsistent, but it also put you at the mercy of dentists. As long as you're solely depending on referrals, you can never have complete control over your business.

I knew that if I wanted a consistent flow of patients, I had to learn how to market my practice online. Turns out, online advertising is the most effective way to attract patients in today's age.

The problem was, I didn't have time to become a marketing expert. I had heard of Google Adwords, but I had no idea how to market with it. So I tried my luck with a multitude of advertising agencies and supposed "SEO experts" that proved to be a waste of time and money. Meanwhile, my practice was teetering on its last leg.

I was done being taken advantage of and wasting time. More importantly, I was tired of watching my dental practice suffer.

I decided to look for answers by visiting some dental websites and forums. That's when I bumped into a site where Pay-Per-Click legend Teran Dale offered to build a 30-day Google Adwords campaign for FREE But not just any campaign - it would be specifically designed for dental practices!

Who Is Teran Dale?

Teran is the author of the book, "Proven: The Step-By-Step Marketing Formula of A Wealthy Orthodontist." He has a proven track record of generating millions of dollars in profit for companies like E*TRADE, Capital One, CareerBuilder, and others. He's also the founder of

What really caught my eye was that he has already helped thousands of orthodontists increase their revenue online by much as 312-percent! All I had to do was fill out the simple, 1-minute application to qualify and get started.

Now, to be quite frank, Terans offer sounded farfetched, at first. That is, until I learned about some of his client case studies:

  • One dentist increased his number of patients by 50 percent in just 20 minutes after using only ONE of Teran's simple strategies.
  • Another one of his clients worked with him to develop a marketing campaign and ended up selling their division for over 10 million dollars in just 90 days!

Plus hundreds more...

The Strategy That Brought Me $43,000 A Week

It wasn't long before I was convinced and got started. I filled out the application, qualified, and got to speak with Teran.

Teran implemented one of his many strategies for my campaign that dramatically increased my bottom line. The strategy was called Geo-Targeting with Day parting This strategy targeted my ideal types of patients with Google ads at specific times throughout the day! Not only did it cause a HUGE drop in my advertising expenses, but also allowed me to track and see where my treatment cases were coming from

This powerful technique is also a simple one:



Scheduling Day Parting


Thanks to the higher quality of keyword phrases and campaigns, two of my biggest competitors were knocked off the first page of Google, ranking my practice as number 1!

Before I knew it, I was making $43,000 a week and the best part was that this campaign allowed me to not have to depend on dentists' referrals! All of this happened within a span of 10 days! The best part is that this is just ONE of his strategies!

Teran Dale Is The REAL Deal

Teran Dale has actually helped dental specialists' practices rapidly grow their bottom line, unlike many marketing experts and agencies out there. He can really relate to you and me.

Teran is a genuinely enthusiastic and fun person to work with. But the most important point to mention is that he has the utmost integrity and ethics, and truly is wonderful human being.

For a limited time, Teran Dale is implementing lucrative Google campaign strategies and more for the first 50 dental specialists who complete the 1-minute application form today.